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In view of the changing global business environment and the growing concern over climate issues and carbon emission, the Group which places great emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (「ESG」) has already set up a working group to assist its board of directors in enhancing ESG implementation. It makes a positive contribution to the environment and society through staff training and engagement, working closely with suppliers and clients, and strengthening corporate governance. The Group has also developed strategies to ensure its sustainable development of business. In the time of expanding its business and promoting economic development, it also simultanously serves the community through charity activities and devotes to create a safe and pleasant working environment for its employees.

The Group supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, takes action to end poverty, protects the planet, and improves the lives and prospects of everyone around the world.


The Group has incorporated climate change initiatives into its policies, strategies, and planning. The awareness of air quality and waste management has also increased among our employees. Waste generation has been significantly reduced in ways of prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. In order to achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, the proportion of renewable energy has been substantially increased.


Our investment property renovation projects follow the green building certification standards, the Central Park • Pudong Project in Shanghai is an example of earning the gold certification of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”). By applying the energy-efficient measures and waste disposal, and providing green areas, the LEED-certified Central Park Project which is a sustainable development project is committed to providing a better business environment for its tenants by reducing environmental damage and carbon emission.

The Group has installed energy-efficient equipment to reduce energy consumption in the Central Park projects. The two completed projects – Central Park • Jing’an and Central Park • Huangpu will be applied for the LEED Green Building Certification.

With the intention of reducing energy consumption and carbon emission, we have currently started implementing energy-efficient measures in passenger lifts, controlling the number of air conditioners needed in the air-conditioning units based on the temperature of the condenser water loop, and applying the smart lighting system in the ambient lighting after sunset in all the Central Park Projects.


With an ultimate goal of reducing carbon emission, we work with the building industry to strengthen the off-site automated rebar processing for minimizing losses. We also adopt the ISO 14001 to our Environmental Management System, so that we can make sure that the supply of steel bars can meet the environmental requirements at an international advanced level. 

 The Group will install solar panels in the Tsing Yi plant to establish a renewable energy platform to enhance energy efficiency.  

With a focus on building a sustainable future, BDS strives for developing sustainably in business and society, supports unstintingly for environmentally friendly technologies and green products, applies energy saving and waste reduction, and connects with like-minded brands and consumers. With more choices for green living, consumers can have an easy way to support sustainable development in their daily routine shopping. BDS has therefore worked with TOTO, a like-minded brand, as a product agent. TOTO has included the green elements into its products which has been improved through research and development, design, manufacturing processes and product utilization for over a century, so that the damage to the environment and the use of water can be minimized, and environmental friendliness can be maximized as well. We believe that a minor change in daily use will make a long-term improvement which means a lot to the sustainable development in society.

The TOTO Toilet CW920 is its signature product adopting the latest developed Tornado Flush Technology. Comparing the amount of flushing water with the traditional toilet which uses 9-12 litres of water, it only uses 3.8 litres of water to flush, so it is more water efficient. Saving water does not mean to give up on the flushing quality. The rimless design allows the Tornado Flush projects powerful jets of water from inside the bowl. This motion creates a whirlpool effect, which is dramatic but quiet, to clean the entire surface thoroughly. This product is particularly suitable for Hong Kong people who always race against time as its water-efficient and dirt-repellent features, and the CEFIONTECT glazing on the ceramic surface can help them save more time on cleaning.

The Aerial Shower Technology is also one of the green elements that has been applied to the hand shower sets of TOTO. Air is drawn in through the showerhead and added to the water, enlarging the water droplets, and causing them to increase in volume. Even in the low water pressure area, users can feel as though they use more water than they actually are during shower. Compared with the traditional one, the TOTO hand shower sets are more efficient in saving water.

The warm air dryer in TOTO Washlet is one of the TOTO’s reflections on ecological and hygienic concepts. This electric seat comfortably dries the buttocks without using tissue with an integrated wand. The reduction in tissue consumption can alleviate deforestation and, therefore, relieve global warming.

EcoPower Technology is another resource-efficient innovation of TOTO. It has been applied to the sensor faucet of TOTO. The built-in battery of the product provides energy to trigger the hydroelectric power system when the sensor faucet operating for the first time. After that, electricity is generated by the built-in generator unit powered by water, and the electricity stored in the capacitor can be used for daily operation. The EcoPower hydrogenerator gets stronger with each use, adding years to its lifecycle. Using a sensor faucet can effectively prevent the tap from being left to run over a long time.


Ewater+ Technology of TOTO is invented for moderating the water pollution problem. Prior to each use, the toilet is sprayed with a fine mist of Ewater+, which is electrolyzed processed water, hence thoroughly cleaning the bowl of harmful bacteria and debris with antibacterial water that cannot be done by normal cleaning water. The Ewater+ is environmentally friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without worries. This can reduce the usage of detergents and greatly lessen the impacts to the environment.

Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme

The Group has established scholarships to provide more further education opportunities for young people and encourage them to participate in volunteer activities to give back to the community.

Supporting Educational Development

In order to encourage Hong Kong students who study in Shanghai to reinforce the patriotic beliefs of loving their country and Hong Kong, and to motivate them to study hard and be more proactive, “Hongkong and Shanghai Alliance Yao Cho Fai Scholarship” has been set up and contributed RMB 3.2 million to Fudan University during the period from 2019 to 2025 to award outstanding Hong Kong students who have been enrolled on the 4-year undergraduate programme of Fudan University from 2019 to 2022. At least 16 Hong Kong students are eligible to gain the scholarship, and each student would receive RMB50,000 per year until they complete their 4-year study. The scholarship aims to subsidize their tuition fees and miscellaneous fees, after-school tutorial as well as social visits and provide internship opportunities. Students can then integrate into campus life as soon as possible. 

Setting up the “Hongkong and Shanghai Alliance Yao Cho Fai Scholarship” at Fudan University
Campus event - Hong Kong students showcased their hometown specialty at the booth
Corporate Social Responsibility

Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited has been honoured with the “Caring Company” Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for five consecutive years since 2014 to recognize the Company’s contribution to the community.

Volunteer Activities

We believe that every step can make our community to be better, thus, we visit the elderly centre every year.


The Group is committed to providing more trainings to employees for sharpening their skills and improving their physical and mental well-being. As to foster the culture of sustainability and integrity in the Group, trainings and communication on the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable development have been provided and the awareness of bribery and corruption have also been heightened. For gradually achieving greater equality, we adopt policies to secure fiscal, salary and welfare.

Health and Safety
Joyful@Healthy Workplace Charter:
Since 2019, VSC Steel Processing Holdings Limited has signed the “Joyful@Healthy Workplace” Charter and participated in different activities to enable employees to work in a healthy and joyful working environment.
Online seminar on "Coping with Mental Distress in Challenging Time"
Fire drill at Tsing Yi Plant
Online Workshop on "Healthy Diet Management in Chinese Medicine"
Integrity and Pleasant Working Environment

The Company philosophy has always been to create a pleasant working environment for our employees through various activities to increase their sense of belonging.

ICAC Training Talks

In order to raise awareness of corruption and other misconduct risks, we have invited the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to arrange training sessions for our employees and nearly half of the Group attended.

Promoting Diversity and Harmony through Mid-Autumn Festival

 Mid-Autumn Festival is a particular time for family and friends to come together. In 2021, the Company prepared a festive gift pack for each employee to share the joy of the festival. The employees of the Company are diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, and cultural background. The Company specially ordered mooncakes from iBakery, a social enterprise of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, to show our support in 2021. Meanwhile, we also applied the designed stickers “Diversity and Harmony” on the packaging for promoting the idea of embracing and showing respect for people who may be different from us. Hoping that the value of individual uniqueness can be enhanced with the foundation of preserving diversity.

Festival Celebrations
Outdoor Activities
Outward Bound Corporate Challenge

Every year, we form teams to participate in a charity event organised by the Outward Bound Hong Kong. It is a fun-filled day for our employees. At the same time, colleagues can learn teamwork and problem-solving skills through the activities.

Service Awards

The Company believes that employees are the most valuable assets of the Company in helping the Company to develop successfully. Upon completion of the periods of five/ten/twenty/thirty years of service, the Company will present service awards to employees to recognize their loyalty, services, and commendable contributions to the Company.

 In 2020 and 2021, we have recognized a total of 33 employees, five of them have been serving the Company for 20 years.

Recognition Scheme

We win another “The Good MPF Employer Award 2020-21” from the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).


The Group has established an enhancement mechanism to help it plan and manage effectively in relation to the climate change. It has also formed an organisation which is effective, accountable, and transparent to ensure responsive decision-making and achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation, including a focus on high value-added and labour-intensive industries.

Establishing ESG Working Group

The ESG Working Group was established in October 2021 and adopted the terms of reference. It aims to develop the Company to be a sustainable enterprise, continuously improve the ESG management and performance of the Group and gain recognition from capital market for the ESG work of the Company.

Strengthening Corporate Culture and Core Values

The Group emphasizes its commitment to shareholders, strives to achieve sustainable business development, and protects the interests of shareholders with more information disclosure and greater transparency. The Group also places emphasis on the feedback of stakeholders. The valuable views of our suppliers and employees have been collected and listened through questionnaires and been responded to them in a timely manner. Thus, the corporate culture of integrity, transparency and accountability has been fostered and the corporate governance model of the Group has been further optimized.