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Group Overview

Our Group
Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited (formerly known as Van Shung Chong Holdings Limited) is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 1994 (stock code: 1001). We were founded in 1961 as a trader of steel reinforcement bars. During its years of expansion, the Group becomes a leading private real estate investor and investment manager and a leading distribution and processing solution provider of construction materials, sanitary wares and kitchen cabinets.

Our operations consist of two business segments, PROPERTY PLUS and CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS.

PROPERTY PLUS comprises (i) Property Investment and Projects Management (“HSL”); and (ii) Building and Design Solutions ("BDS").

Property Investment and Projects Management (“HSL”)  HSL Logo 2017.png
HSL is a leading private equity real estate investor and investment manager and is specialized in property enhancement, alterations and additions, as well as the provision of quality property management services, with a view to unlocking property values in niche markets. It comprises (i) direct acquisitions of properties for investment; and (ii) investments in properties via partnerships or investment funds, where it takes an equity stake and acts as a general partner and/or investment manager to earn fee income. HSL’s investment operates under the brand of “Central Park” and the investments are focused in Shanghai market.

Building and Design Solutions (“BDS”)  
Established in 1997, we specialize in providing architectural products and design solutions for architects and designers, including washroom and kitchen for offices, businesses, hotel, hospital, residences, airports, etc. We also provide free consultation and design services, logistics, technical support and kitchen installation.
Since 2003, we have expanded our business to the East and Central China region, and established Leisure plus International Trading (Shanghai) Company Ltd and Wuhan Sanking Building Products Company Ltd in Shanghai and Hubei respectively. We believe that our long-established reputation has earned us a high level of recognition for our products and services from a large number of customers and market.

We are committed to our customer-centric business philosophy and are dedicated to presenting new concepts, technical support. We provide our customers with value-added customer services, so that they can experience the right home art solutions.

Construction Materials is made up of (i) Construction Materials Processing and Distribution (“VSC”); and (ii) Surface Critical Coil Processing and Distribution. (“BSC”)

Construction Materials Processing and Distribution (“VSC”)  
VSC was founded in 1961 as a trader of steel reinforcement bars to serve Hong Kong’s construction and manufacturing needs. We are one of the largest suppliers of construction steel in Hong Kong and have contributed to some of Hong Kong's most iconic projects like the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge; Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building, and Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Tunnel. In 2014, we successfully tendered for a 30,000 square metre lot of land with pier access in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. The construction of Hong Kong's first automated reinforcement bar processing plant commenced in January 2015, was completed in October 2015 with production started in January 2016. The automation plant provides Hong Kong contractors with a supply chain that allows them to receive ready-to-use, tested product on a just-in-time basis.

Surface Critical Coil Processing and Distribution (“BSC”)  
Founded in 1993 as a joint venture with Bao Steel, Shanghai Bao Shun Chang International Trading Co., Ltd. is now our 83.3% owned subsidiary. As a leading distributor of surface critical steel in Eastern China, BSC provides customers with product development support, inventory management, logistics and financing. BSC's products include pre-painted galvanized, galvanized, cold roll, hot roll, electro galvanized and silicon steel.






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