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Group Overview

Our Group
Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited (formerly known as Van Shung Chong Holdings Limited) is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under stock code 1001. We were founded in 1961 as a trader of reinforcement steel to serve Hong Kong’s construction and manufacturing needs. Over time, we diversified to include structural long products, couplers and plate and grew to become one of the regions' leading distributors of steel products. We have developed long-term relationships with Hong Kong contractors and developers as well as steel makers in the region and the world.

We go to market under two highly specialized groups, INFRASTRUCTURE and PROPERTY PLUS.

INFRASTRUCTURE is made up of our Construction Materials Processing and Distribution, Surface Critical Coil Processing and Distribution.

PROPERTY PLUS is made up of our Property Business and Leisure Plus Building and Design Solutions ("BDS"). Our Property team are specialists in renovation and property upgrades. Our business model is unique in that we invest in Shanghai's central business district where we have built a track record over the years. BDS also services the needs of our Property Business as we use brands we represent when renovating property. 


Construction Materials Processing and Distribution

We were founded in 1961 as a trader of reinforcement steel to serve Hong Kong’s construction and manufacturing needs. We are one of Hong Kong's largest suppliers of construction steel and have contributed to some of Hong Kong's most iconic projects like the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building. In 2014, we successfully tendered for a 30,000 m² lot of land with pier access in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. The construction of Hong Kong’s first automated reinforcement bar processing plant commenced in January 2015, it was completed in October 2015 and production started in January 2016. The plant location allows for the lowest cost inbound logistics cost and automation investment will provide Hong Kong contractors with a supply chain that allows them to receive ready-to-use, tested product on a just-in-time basis.

Surface Critical Coil Processing and Distribution
In the early 1990’s, we expanded our geographic reach into Mainland China and established coil processing centers in Southern, Eastern and Northern China. In 1993, we entered into a joint venture with Bao Steel to create Shanghai Bao Shun Chang International Trading Co., Ltd. ("BSC"), a distributor and processor of surface critical carbon coil serving the automotive, home appliance and construction industries. We owned 66.7% of BSC and in 2013 became 100% owner of BSC. 


Property Business
Shanghai is fast becoming one of Asia’s largest and most important economic centres in the world. The Central Government of Shanghai looks to turn it into one of the world's largest and most relevant financial, shipping and trade centres and has established a free trade zone while starting to transform into a services-driven economy.

Our Property Business is focused on identifying and acquiring underperforming properties in Shanghai. We look for city areas undergoing transformation as it relates to accessibility and general area upgrade and where a robust renovation strategy will allow for immediate unlocking of value via tenant upgrade.

Our renovation strategy always looks to transform the property as well as the area around the property. We feel an obligation to help beautify the areas where we invest and work with well-known designers to assure our renovation fulfills the goals of our shareholders, tenants and local government.

Leisure Plus Building and Design Solutions
Established in 1997, BDS is primarily focused on architect and designer needs for projects by supplying products for washroom and kitchen. We represent world-renowned brands and have a long list of reference projects and satisfied customers. We provide software design solutions, inventory management, logistics, technical support and installation.






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